This article covers the topic of account expiration whether in the context of a paid membership or a free premium trial.


Do I lose my account if it expires?

The short answer is no. Your account is not automatically deleted when your membership or free trial expires.

You will lose access to any premium features that were a part of your subscription, such as:

  • Increased classroom and student limits
  • Creating more than 5 self-made decks
  • Adding sound to self-made decks
  • Live Monitoring
  • Selling decks in the Boom Store and external marketplaces

To regain access to your premium features, simply renew or upgrade your account. If you choose not to renew, you can downgrade your account instead.

CAUTION: INACTIVE ACCOUNTS AND THEIR DECKS ARE DELETED! To ensure that your account is not deleted during a routine sweep of stale accounts, please be sure to log in at least once every six months. Deleted accounts cannot be restored.

Deck Storage

Purchased decks will remain in your Library. Created decks remain in your Studio (and your Library, if privately published) but you will not be able to downgrade to a Basic membership if you have more than 5 created decks unless you delete decks.

Sold decks are maintained so customers can continue to use them. An Ultimate membership is required for a store to be open. If your Ultimate membership expires or is downgraded, your storefront will no longer be listed in the Boom marketplace and any external redemptions of your products (such as through Teachers Pay Teachers) will fail.

Student Assignments and Student Data

If you do not renew or downgrade your account, you must delete student data (you can always choose to export and save it prior to doing this). Failure to delete student data and maintain at least one login every six months will result in the deletion of your account and its contents during a data sweep of expired and inactive accounts.

All decks can continue to be assigned using Fast Pins regardless of membership level.

Assign and HyperPlay can only be used with the number of currently licensed student seats. The seats per level are as follows:

  • Starter - 5 students
  • Basic - 50 students
  • Power - 150 students
  • PowerPlus - 150 students
  • Ultimate - 200 students

If your account expires, your students may receive an error when logging into their account or attempting to use a HyperPlay link. You can renew or upgrade your membership to regain access to your previously licensed number of student seats.

Please note that our membership levels and prices will be changing in October 2021; for more information, please refer to our article, Price Increases for 2021.