A Single Student

To delete a student account, login as the teacher, go to Classes, find the correct section, find the student, click the action button, and then click "Remove".

This will remove the student from THIS classroom.

If the student is in other classrooms, the student will NOT be deleted.

If the student is NOT in any other classrooms, this will PERMANENTLY DELETE all student data and cannot be restored.

An Entire Classroom/Section

To delete all student accounts in a section, go to the Classes tab. Find the correct section, and click to open it.

Click on the red "Delete" button, and type DELETE (all caps) to proceed.

Note: If a student's account is in any other classrooms, this will not delete the account or any progress and performance data.

Caution: Any student account in the deleted classroom that is not in other classrooms will be PERMANENTLY DELETED. This includes all student data and is irreversible. 

Please ensure all student data is backed-up or no longer needed before deleting

An Adult Account

Go to the Membership tab of My Settings. Click "Delete Account". Type DELETE (all caps) to proceed. This will PERMANENTLY DELETE all your data (all students, all purchases, all decks you created) and cannot be restored

(Any students that you shared with another teacher will NOT be deleted.)

Do NOT delete your account if all you want to do is change your email address. You can change your email address in your existing account if you change schools or just want to move from your personal email to your school email account.

Contact us before deleting your account if you need help to merge 2 accounts. Depending on the time involved in merging accounts, we may charge you a service fee for the merge. Your are responsible for transferring any decks you created from the account to be deleted to the account to be retained (use "Transfer" from the Studio in Make Decks)We are unable to do that for you and cannot recover created decks from deleted accounts.