FastPlay allows students to enter a Fast Pin to unlock play.

FastPlay is useful if you are using a free account or using Boom Cards in a group activity (like a smart board).

FastPlay does NOT collect individual student data, so it is not appropriate if you want to track student performance. 

Fast Pins and FastPlay links do not retain data about who is playing, and cannot use Custom Play Settings. Fast Pins deliver all cards in a deck each play.

You can try a sample Fast Pin here: 

Creating a Fast Pin:

1) Navigate to your Library tab

2) Find the deck you want to play, or have someone else play

3) Click on the blue Action button, and then click Fast Pin

4) You will be shown a window where you can click Generate Pin

You will see a new Fast Pin, as well as a link to the page that you can send to your students, friends, or use yourself to test the deck out. You can copy the link to your computer's clipboard automatically using the "copy" button.

If you cannot see the link, hit ctrl-minus(-) or cmd-minus(-) to zoom your web browser out, and you should be able to see the web browser link below where it says when the Fast Pin expires.

Fast Pins expire 14 days from the time you generate a new one if you have a paid account, 5 days if you have a Starter account.