If you do not have your login information. Please submit a help ticket or email help@boomlearning.com

This guide will explain how to:

Signing In

To access your School Dashboard account, begin by signing in.

1) Click the Sign In tab at the top of the Boom Learning page.

2) Click the red "I'm a School" button.

3) Click the blue "Sign in with Email/Username" button.

4) Input your School Dashboard credentials. This username and password can be sent to you by a Boom Learning support agent, or you can recover your password through the email address linked to the School Dashboard account.

5) To access the account, you must agree to the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy -- click the "I agree" check boxes next to each of the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy to access the account.

If you are unable to find "Sign In" on step "1)", you may be signed in to an account already. Click the "Settings" button in the upper right corner, and then click "Sign Out" in the window that appears.

School Dashboard View

You will see four main areas: Account, School Address, Address, and School Private Data. You can modify some of these fields by clicking on them

These are the Account and School Address windows visible from the School Dashboard when you click the "School" tab at the very top of the Boom Learning page.

In the Account window:

1) The User ID cannot be changed

2) The username can be changed by clicking on it

3) Set an email address for password recovery

The School Address fields can be updated, and this is used for billing and for linking your school to your district.

These are the Address and School Private Data windows visible from the School Dashboard when you click the "School" tab at the very top of the Boom Learning page.

The Address window is for your district's billing information, and the school's name that is receiving services.

The School Private Data window is for seeing what your School Dashboard account's services include.

1) The remaining balance of points in the School Dashboard -- these can be distributed to teachers in the roster

2) The remaining balance of licenses in your Membership Seat Balance that can be assigned to teachers in the roster

3) The date that the membership licenses expire

4) The domain name associated with the email addresses used by the school

5) Student Pool is currently an unused feature

6) The email address for the accounts-payable department of your school

Please contact sales@boomlearning.com if you have questions about receiving additional points or seats, or view this school buying guide from our help center.

How to Add Your Teachers to the School Dashboard (Adding Teacher Accounts)

To add teachers to your school, please review a separate, related FAQ by clicking on this link.

This link's guide explains how to:

  • Add and / or invite teacher accounts to the School Dashboard roster
  • Assign available membership licenses to the teachers in the School Dashboard roster
  • Distribute points to the teacher accounts from the School Dashboard's point balance

Teachers that are invited to the School Dashboard will not lose anything in their accounts. They will be required to click an agreement, however, in order to fully join the School.

This is the message teachers see after you invite them. Teachers can be re-invited if they reject the invitation initially.

This is the agreement window that teachers see after you send them an invite to join the school.

Accept Invitation

If your teacher agrees to the terms and accept the invitation, you can assign them a membership and add points, if applicable.

Reject Invitation

If your teacher does not agree to the terms and rejects the invitation, you both have several options:

  1. The teacher can still join the school account.  But both of you must agree to return the account and its contents to the teacher, the original account owner, when they leave the school.  They would then get to take all the spent points (purchased Boom cards, images, fonts, etc.) that were provided by the school.  
    1. Send a help request to help@boomlearning.com and a Boom Customer Service Agent can provision your teacher's account so they would not need to agree to the invitation terms.  
    2. We will not be able to untangle the account and separate the original existing contents from the contents added using the school-provided points.
  2. The school can reimburse the teacher for the existing contents of the account.  The account will belong to the school and can be reassigned to another teacher.  
  3. If neither you nor your teacher agree to the above solutions, your teacher can make their existing account into personal account by changing the email to a personal email address.  You will be able to create a separate and new account using the newly freed up school email address.

If you and the teacher choose Option 1, we need you to send an email to help@boomlearning.com (cc your teacher) with the agreed-upon solution.  And we will provision the teacher's account.