This article is for admins managing multiple educator accounts under a School Dashboard account. If you are an individual teacher and would like to renew your membership, please see: Renew or Upgrade Memberships for Existing Users.

First, request a new estimate for your school. Login to your Admin account, and from the school dashboard, click on the "subscription" tab. 

You'll be able to view all your past quotes at the bottom of this page, so you can refer back to your prior order if you'd like, but are not limited to the prior number of memberships or points packages. 

To purchase memberships for next year (or additional points or teacher seats), simply click on the blue "Request New Estimate" button. 

This will take you to the Estimate Builder and look similar to when you requested your initial estimate. Submit the estimate once you are happy with it, and an agent will review your request. 

Once you have submitted an order for your renewal, and we have received a PO or Payment, we will provision your account. An agent will reach out to you to let you know when the renewed memberships (or additional points) have been added to your account. You will also see the new expiration date on your School Dashboard. 

Next, log in to the School Dashboard and renew each of your teachers. If you are unable to log into your School Dashboard please reset your password. If you are unable to receive the password change email, please reach out to for assistance.

From the School Dashboard, choose the "Teachers" tab to view your roster. To update your staff's expiration dates simply click the "Renew" button and their expiration date will be updated.

Any points you have ordered will also be available in your account for distribution. For instructions on how to add or remove points see: Adding and Provisioning Teacher Accounts with the School Dashboard.