This guide will explain how to use the School Dashboard to add teachers to the school account, assign purchased memberships and points, and how to purchase additional memberships and points.

Note: If you have not yet signed in to the School Dashboard account, or have not seen your School Dashboard's home page, please review this guide about School Dashboard account access to begin.


Adding and Inviting Teacher Accounts to the School

After signing in to the School Dashboard account, you can add or invite teacher accounts.

The main navigation bar for the School Dashboard account.

    1. Click on the blue "School" tab at the very top of the Boom Learning page

    2. Click on the gray "Teachers" tab at the top, but below the "School" tab

The top of the view of the page will appear something like this:

add teachers button

    3. Click the blue "+ New Teacher(s)" button. A new window will appear:

This is the field where you can enter the email addresses of teacher accounts that you want to be added to your School Dashboard.

    4. List the email addresses linked to the Boom Learning accounts you want to create or invite to the School Dashboard

    5. Click the blue "Import teacher" button

Teachers with existing accounts will be shown this message when they sign in, and will not be able to access their Classes page until they decide whether to reject the invitation or accept the invitation

This is the agreement any teacher sees when invited to a School Dashboard. They cannot access their classrooms until they reject or accept the invitation.

Accept Invitation

If your teacher agrees to the terms and accepts the invitation, you can assign them a membership and add points, if applicable.

Reject Invitation

If your teacher does not agree to the terms and rejects the invitation, you both have several options:

  1. The teacher can still join the school account.  But both of you must agree to return the account and its contents to the teacher, the original account owner when they leave the school.  They would then get to take all the spent points (purchased Boom cards, images, fonts, etc.) that were provided by the school.  
    1. Send a help request to and a Boom Customer Service Agent can provision your teacher's account so they would not need to agree to the invitation terms.  
    2. We will not be able to untangle the account and separate the original existing contents from the contents added using the school-provided points.
  2. The school can reimburse the teacher for the existing contents of the account.  The account will belong to the school and can be reassigned to another teacher.  
  3. If neither you nor your teacher agrees to the above solutions, your teacher can make their existing account into a personal account by changing the email to a personal email address.  You will be able to create a separate and new account using the newly freed-up school email address.

If you and the teacher choose Option 1, we need you to send an email to (cc your teacher) with the agreed-upon solution.  And we will provision the teacher's account.

Brand New Teacher Accounts

Teachers who are brand new to Boom Learning will have their accounts created immediately after clicking the blue "Import teacher" button. You will be able to see their email addresses listed in the gray "Teachers" tab. In order for them to access their new account, you will need to send them a link to reset their password.

   1.  In the gray "Teachers" tab, click on the Orange "Key Icon" button.

2.  This will open a dialog box and ask if you want to send a password reset email to your teacher.  Click "Okay."  When your teacher opens the email and clicks on the link provided to reset their password, they will be able to access their new account.

Reset Password question

Distributing Membership Licenses (Membership Seat Balance) to Teachers

After the teachers accept the invitation to the School Dashboard, they will appear in a list visible under the "Teachers" tab:

This image shows what teachers may look like after they have accepted invitations to the school, or what they appear like if you create the teacher account.

In the first row, the teacher has accepted the invite to the school and already has an active license.

  1. Click the blue "Reclaim" button to recover an active license and add one to your Membership Seat Balance
  2. Or, you can click the green "Renew" button to assign them their seat in the School

The blue "Reclaim" button, as well as the expiration date, indicate that the teacher's account is active.

After clicking "Renew", the teacher will receive their membership license, as well as be sent a welcome notification to their email address. 

Click the blue "Reclaim" button to remove that teacher's membership license (which will return them to the free Starter membership). This will add one available license to your Membership Seat Balance.

In the second row, the teacher has accepted the invite to the school, but their license is about to expire.

  1. Click the red "Revoke" button if the teacher does not need a membership license. This will set them to a starter account, and will not recover any active licenses.
  2. Or, click the green "Renew" button to give the teacher one available seat from your Membership Seat Balance

In the third row, the teacher has just been created by the School Dashboard's administrator. Click on the green "Assign" button to give the teacher one available seat from your Membership Seat Balance.

Completing Provisioning and Distributing Points from the School Dashboard Point Balance

After you assign teacher licenses and set up all of their accounts, the list should look similar to this:

Top: Points Balance, 5000 -- You can distribute these point to teachers in any quantites that you prefer.

1.  Click on the green "Add/Remove Points" button in the far-right column for the teacher you want to give points.

2. Type in the number you want to add or type a minus sign (-) in front of the number to remove points from the teacher's account and return those points to the School Dashboard point balance.

Purchasing Additional Memberships and Points from the School Dashboard

Run out of points or memberships? No problem! You can submit an add-on estimate directly through your School Dashboard. This automatically connects the new estimate to your school account and makes it easier for us to fulfill your order as efficiently as possible while keeping payment records all in one convenient place.

First, sign in as a school to access your School Dashboard. Click on the Quotes tab.

Next, click on the blue "+Request New Estimate" button.

This will bring you to our Estimate Builder where you will be able to submit a quote for additional memberships and points. The purchasing process is the same and you will receive emailed updates each step of the way until we fulfill your order.

Troubleshooting Access and Provisioning

If you are unable to access your School Dashboard, you may need to reach out to for support on a password reset. To help manage your account, ensure that you:

  1. Enter an email address for the School Dashboard that can be used for password recovery.
  2. Request help from if you run out of available seats or points, or if teachers need assistance with merging.
  3. Review this guide about accessing the School Dashboard for additional details on signing in to the account.