This article will explain how to troubleshoot the most common problems experienced when importing a Google Classroom to Boom. If you can't find the solution to an issue you are experiencing, please contact us and our support team will be happy to assist you!


Imported Google Roster is Missing Students

There are a few possible reasons as to why Boom is not importing your full Google Classroom Roster.

Student has not joined the Google Classroom

Make sure that the missing students have been invited to the classroom, and have accepted the invite. 

After any missing students receive and accept the invite, go to the Classes tab, find the classroom they're missing from, and click "Add/Re-Import Students". Select your Google account and then select the Google Classroom they're a part of. Finally, click Re-Import.


Student has a Teacher Account

When importing a Google Classroom roster, you may receive an error message saying that a student could not be added because a teacher account already exists with their email. A student may have accidentally created a teacher account when signing up for Boom, which prevents our system from creating a student account with their email.

If your student is savvy enough to take care of this on their own, you can ask them to delete their teacher account. They will need to log into their account and click on Menu > My Settings > Membership. They can then select the red "Delete Account" button to delete their teacher account. 

Alternatively, you can contact us to have a member of our support team delete the student's teacher account for you. To find the student's account, we will need to know the student's userID, username, or email address associated with the account.

Once the teacher account has been deleted, you can re-import your Google Classroom roster by following the steps outlined in the above section.

Your account has reached its student limit

If you have verified that the missing student has fully joined your Google Classroom and that they do not have a teacher account, you may need to upgrade your account to accommodate more students. The free Starter account has a limit of 5 students-- if you need help with deciding on a membership tier, please refer to our buying guide: Which Membership Should I Choose?

Student Sign-In Issues

If you have imported your Google Classroom but a student is having trouble logging into their account, refer to the following solutions to the most common causes.

Student is not signing in with Google

Ensure that your student is selecting the correct option from the login page. They should be logging in as a Student and then selecting the "Log in with Google" button. A pop-up will appear and ask them to select their Google account.

If nothing happens or the page freezes when the student clicks "Sign in with Google", it is likely the student's browser is blocking popups or third-party cookies. Allow both popups and third-party cookies from to fix this. For school-managed devices, your IT department may need to allow Boom Learning login and allow the domains listed on this page.

Students who have forgotten their email or password will have to go through Google's account recovery process to get their accounts back.

Student receives the notification "Please wait for your teacher to finish setup"

If a student signs in with Google, they may see this message:

This means that they have successfully created a student account with their Google credentials, but they have not been imported to a teacher's account yet. If your student is receiving this message, please follow the steps above to re-import them from your Google Classroom.

Student Cannot See Assignments

If your student is able to log in but does not see any decks in their Assignments list, please double-check to make sure that you have assigned the material to your imported Google Classroom. Even if you have provided a HyperPlay link to a deck, the deck will not appear in the Assignments list or your Reports tab if it is not assigned in Boom.

You can do this from your Classes tab or directly from your Library. For detailed instructions, please refer to our guide Assigning Boom Cards in Google Classroom.

Add New Students to an Imported Google Classroom

See: Adding New Students or Sign In With Boom Students to a Sign In With Google Classroom.