This article will go over how to assign Boom Decks to your students that have been imported from a Google Classroom.


Using a Fast Pin

If you do not need your student's performance tracked, and only want to use the deck as practice or review, simply create a Fast Pin from your Library and post it as an assignment in your Google Classroom. Your students will be able to click on the link and play the deck immediately without the need to log in.

If you want detailed student reports, you can use a Hyperplay Link instead of a Fast Pin. Hyperplay links require a student to log in before they can play the deck.

To make sure that your student's progress is shown in your Reports page, you'll need to assign the deck to the class first. After importing a Google Classroom, select the Google Classroom from the left side of the Classes page. Then select the "Assignments" tab and click the "assign more decks" button to see a full, searchable list of all your Library.

Search your Library for activities and Boom Card decks that you want this classroom to participate in, and then click on the check box next to each deck to assign it to the classroom.

When your students sign in to Boom Learning, they will now see their assigned materials in their Assignments list.

You can post Fast Pins or Hyperplay Links as assignments in your Google Classroom to provide a way for your students to connect to the activities you assigned to them in Boom.

First, go to your Library tab and find the deck, or decks, that you assigned to your classrooms.

  1. Click on the Action drop-down for the deck that you assigned to your students.
  2. Click Hyperplay Link or Fast Pin. Hyperplay links do not expire, will require your student to log in, and will collect data for your Reports. Fast Pin links expire after 14 days (or 5 days if you have a free account), do not require your student to log in, and do not collect data for your Reports.
  3. Highlight the link text and copy it to your clipboard (Right-click + Copy, Ctrl + C, or Cmd +C for Mac users).

  4. Return to your Google Classroom home page, and then click the Classwork tab in the top menu.
  5. Click on the Create button.
  6. Click Assignment.
  7. A new window will appear, and you will be able to enter details about the assignment.

Now, you can attach the Hyperplay or Fastplay link by clicking Add > Link.

You may add as many decks that you assigned to your classroom through Boom Learning this way. Once everything that you assigned them is linked, you will be ready for the last step.

Click Assign at the top right corner of the Assignment window to assign your students the activities.

Your students will receive e-mails about new assignments and will be able to quickly and easily follow the links you created in Google Classroom to log in, play, and be automatically graded.