This article will show you how to use the School Delegate feature. 

The School Delegate feature allows you to assign one of the teacher's associated with your school dashboard to be able to help administer your School Dashboard. 

A School Delegate Can:

  • View Basic School information such as name, address, membership and points balances
  • Invite and create teacher accounts
  • View and edit teacher information such as nickname, username, email and last login
  • View some limited student information such as nickname, username, email and last login
  • Add/remove Memberships from teacher accounts
  • Add/remove Points from teacher accounts
  • Request a new estimate

To become a delegate, a teacher account must already exist on the School Dashboard, but they do not need to have a membership assigned. If you need to create or invite your teacher delegate see: Adding and Provisioning Teacher Accounts with the School Dashboard

Promoting a teacher to a Delegate

After logging in to your School Dashboard, go to your "Teachers" tab.

Find the teacher you wish to promote and click "Promote to Delegate" 

On the popup click "Okay"

Your teacher is now a Delegate!

To remove Delegate Access click "Remove Delegate" . Please note that this will not remove the teacher from your account or affect their membership. This only removed their ability to interact with the School Dashboard.

If you have questions about this or another feature please email