If you have multiple Boom accounts and need to merge them together, this article will cover the steps you need to take depending on your particular situation.

This is only for merging two accounts of the same owner; if you are a school admin and are needing to transfer ownership of one of your teacher's accounts, please refer to this article instead: School/Orgs: Re-Assign an Account to a New Teacher.

In any case, you will need to contact one of our team members by either submitting a support ticket on our Help Center or emailing us at help@boomlearning.com.


Merging Personal Accounts

To merge two personal accounts that both belong to you, we will need the credentials for both accounts. When you submit your merge request, please include the emails, username, or userID for both accounts (you can find this information in your Account Settings). We also need to know which account to transfer everything to. 

DO NOT SEND YOUR PASSWORD TO US-- The Boom Learning team will never ask for your password.

Once we complete the merge, you can delete your second account if you choose. To do this, please refer to our guide How to Delete Your Account or a Student's Account.

Merging a Personal Account into a School Account

If your school purchased an account for you, but you already had a personal account, we can merge your personal account into your new school account. Just like with personal accounts, we will need the credentials for both in order to proceed. Merging your personal account into your school account is irreversible, and we cannot merge a school account into a personal account.

NOTE: It is very important to understand that when you agree to merge your personal account into your school account, you are agreeing to donate your entire account and its contents to the school. This includes all of your past and future purchases, regardless of if they were purchased with your own funds, as well as your self-made decks. Your school's account administrator will be able to revoke your membership, add or remove points from your account, and reassign your account to another teacher in the event that you leave that school.

If you do not want to agree to these terms, you will need to discuss this with your school administrator. Please refer to our guide My School sent me an invitation to join their School Account (Accept or Reject Invitation) for some different options you can discuss with your school admin.

What information can be merged?

The only data we can transfer between accounts are as follows:

  • Purchases: This includes your purchased decks, images, and fonts. You will need to manually move your self-made decks to your other account using the Transfer Tool in the Studio.
  • Points: We will transfer your current points balance to your other account.
  • Membership: If you have a paid membership that has not yet expired, it will retain the same level and expiration date.
    • Note: if you have an Ultimate membership and are actively selling materials on the Boom store, we will need to merge everything into that account in order to keep your store and sales information intact.
  • Purchase Records: Your purchase records will be transferred to your other account and will be accessible by viewing your account statement.

Can I transfer my students to a different account?

Student data cannot be transferred between accounts, so we cannot move your students to another account during a merge. If you need to retain access to student data that is on your other personal account, we advise against merging. Instead, use the Sharing Students (Colleagues) tool to give both of your accounts access to the same students.

I don't have access to my old account... Can I still retrieve it?

Yes! However, there are some extra steps when this is the case. To protect your privacy and that of students we need you to provide some proof that the existing account was yours to proceed.

Please contact us with at least one of the following items to prove the older account belongs to you:

  • A receipt for a purchase made on the account showing your old email address.
  • Information about redemptions made to the account that only you could know.
  • Information about student accounts you created that is not public information.
  • A photo of a school ID from your old school.
  • A pay stub, offer letter, or exit letter from your former school.

We thank you for understanding the need to verify this information before helping you merge accounts. We take the safety and security of your and your student's data very seriously.