If you're a member of a school and your Admin has enabled the School Store feature, you can publish decks to your colleagues for free. This is a great feature for collaborating and sharing resources with your colleagues.

If you're trying to share students with your colleagues instead, view the following article: Sharing Students (Colleagues)


How can I enable the School Store as a School Admin?

First, login to your School Dashboard Account.  Visit your Settings on the upper left corner of your screen. Toggle on the Enable school store switch 

How do I know if my account is eligible? 

The School Store feature is only available to teachers that are managed by a school. If you're unsure of the status of your account, you can click on the Settings button in the top right corner of your screen and then click "Membership" to check. You will see this if you are managed:

How to Publish to Your School's Store

Publishing a deck to your School's Store is simple. Once you've created a deck, open it in your Studio. In this case, we will we publishing "Justice's Test Deck" to the Boom School's Store.

Open the "Deck Details" menu and enter a Description and a grade level as well as any other information you'd like, such as Tags and Subject data. Once that's done, click the "Publish to School" button. If you've never published a deck before, you may have some additional information to fill out before you can publish your deck. You will be alerted of this when you attempt to Publish. 

Once your deck has been Published, it will appear in your Studio with a graduation hat icon. Now other teachers can find your deck in the School Store! 

To access your School's Store, click on the "Store" link in your navigation bar and then click either "Decks" or "Authors" in the Store's sub-navigation bar.

Notice that there is an additional search option in the Search Filter settings. To switch to the School Store, simply click "School Store" to change the data being displayed. You will be able to search and filter for Subjects and Grade levels as you normally would, but now the results will only show material that is free to you and your colleagues.

All of the decks in your School Store will be marked as "FREE" instead of listing a price.