This article will walk you through how to reassign an account to a new teacher. This is for school/organizational owned accounts only.


I need to remove an account, not reassign it. How do I do that?

To learn how to remove a teacher account, please check out our separate guide here: School/Org Admins: Removing Teachers From the School Dashboard.

What does the Reassign button do?

The Reassign button is used to transfer access of an existing, school/organization managed account to another user. The new user will be able to log into the account and have access to the library, classroom, and studio materials.

To ensure privacy, the Reassign tool will delete all personal information from the account that you are reassigning. This cannot be reversed.

Personal data includes:

  • Username
  • Nickname/Teacher Name
  • Email
  • Saved payment data
  • Address
  • Profile picture
  • Google, Microsoft, and Clever authentication

How to Reassign an Account

To reassign an account, log into your School Dashboard. For directions on how to Log In See:
School Dashboard Account Admin Access and Management. From the School Dashboard click on the Teachers tab and follow these steps:

1.  Find the line for the teacher you want to reassign and click the blue "pencil" button:

2. In the pop-up, click the red "Reassign" button. 

3. In the next field, type the email of the new account holder. This must be an email that is not already associated with an existing Boom account.

4.  Once you click "Continue", the personal data will be deleted from the account permanently. A password reset email will be sent to the email you entered in the previous step. Upon logging in, the new user will be prompted to accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. After they do that, they'll be able to use the account and its materials.

There's a typo in the email I entered! What do I do?

If you accidentally made a typo when entering the email of the new account holder, don't worry! The account is still on your Dashboard, so you can easily change the email to the correct one. Find the account on your Teachers list and click that blue pencil button again. This time, click on "Edit" instead of "Reassign". 

Correct the email and enter a username and nickname (these can be changed by the teacher later). Then click "Save".

Finally, click the yellow "key" button next to the teacher's email. This will resend the password reset email to the now corrected email address, and your teacher will be good to go!