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If you have not gotten started with your Boom Learning account yet, here are some first steps for you.

  1. Reset your password if you need to.
  2. Optionally Connect Your Google account to use Google login
  3. Do a quick start with Fastplay!
  4. Create a classroom or Import a Google Classroom (FAQ)
  5. Choose some Boom Cards or make some (FAQs and Channel)
  6. Learn how to share decks you make with other teachers at your school
  7. Assign them to your students
  8. Check reports when you are done (FAQ)

If you have questions or need help you can reach out directly to us via our Facebook page or Help Center.

If you encounter any problems getting set up take a peek at our Technical Specification (you might need to share it with your IT team).

To chat with other teachers about using Boom Cards to solve problems in the classroom consider joining our teacher support group or authoring support group.

We are committed to continuous improvement. Feel free to drop us a line about what we can do better.

Experiment with this FastPlay option from Barb Evans. 

Boom Learning is a platform and set of tools for making and delivering Boom Cards, cloud-based digital learning resources, such as digital task cards, digital escape games, and more. To use Boom Cards you need to have a Boom Learning account. This is to keep kids safe. 

Accounts range from free to paid memberships.

Tip of the day: Boom Learning works best on Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari. Boom Learning is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Apps are available for Apple tablets, 

Android tablets, and Kindle Fire tablets.

Note: Boom Learning is an English Language website. Teaching materials for language instruction, including French and Spanish are available on the site, but the site is not fully translated.