If you think a card in a deck you want to use is too easy, too hard, or otherwise not appropriate for your students, you can choose to hide it, and it will not appear when your students play the deck. 

Note: You cannot hide cards in decks that use Flow Magic, and hidden cards will still appear in FastPin mode.

To hide cards, go to the Library tab and find the deck that contains the card or cards you want to hide. Then click the Action dropdown menu and click "Hide Cards".

The deck will preview in the Boom Card Player. Click the "Hide Card" button when the card you want to hide comes up. Hidden cards will not show up for students when they play the deck. If you want to undo this, click the "Unhide Card" button.

If students have already started a deck, the cards that you hide may already be shuffled into their set. To hide cards for students who have already started a deck, you will need to delete the deck logs for that deck. Go to "View Report" in the Action dropdown menu for the deck, then click "Reset all Data".

Warning: This will remove all student progress on that deck.

Note: Cards cannot be hidden in FastPin mode. This is because FastPin is our privacy secure option, and does not get any information from you or your students, so it does not know which cards you have hidden.