When making a deck of Boom Cards, you don't always want a student to just go to the next card after clicking an answer. If you need a more complex structure to your deck, you can create decks that use conditional logic, also known as Flow Magic. 

Some of the things you can make with Flow Magic include a clickable table of contents, an interactive story, or an automatic review when a student answers incorrectly.

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Note: Custom play settings, including Hiding Cards, do not work on decks that use Flow Magic.

Hands-on Learning gives a quick example of how to put Flow Magic into action in their YouTube video How do you use Flow Magic on Boom Cards? 

You'll find a more thorough explanation of Flow Magic in our own video, Creating Flow Magic Boom Cards decks, below. You can give it a try yourself by playing with our sample deck here

For more advanced uses of Flow Magic, check out our video Flow Magic: Conditional Branching in Boom Cards.