This guide is designed to walk users through every step of setting up Google Classroom and integrating their Google Classroom with Boom Learning. This guide does not explain how to create a Google account, and assumes your students already have Google accounts created.


First, you will want to navigate to the Google Classroom home page, signed in with the Google account that you want to use as a teacher. Once on the Google Classroom, this is more or less what you will see:

As you can see from this screen capture image, I have already created a Google Classroom, and you will see all of the classrooms that you have made in this list. We are going to create a new classroom, so pretend like you're seeing a page with no classrooms ( you probably are, haha ).

1) Click on the Plus Icon ( + ) in the upper right corner of the page, and then click Create class.

A window will appear that will let you put in some details about the classroom. It needs a name at least, and you can change these details later if you wish:

1) Once you have the data you wish written in, click the Create button

You will then immediately be redirected to the page of the new classroom you created. Let's get right up to speed and start adding some students to your classroom.

1) Click on the People tab in the menu at the top of the page.

You will be shown a new page where you can add students to the classroom:

1) Click on the Person Plus icon to the right of the Student header, and you will see a new window appear.

2) Search for the student by their e-mail address, and when you see them, click on them to add them ( in this example image, I am merely inviting a different e-mail address of my own that I am treating as a student )

3) Once all of the students that you want are added to the list, click Invite

You will see all of the students populate into the list from before, but they will be gray in color, and are not yet in the classroom. They will have received e-mails, with a link in the email to Join. They must click this link, and then they will see a request in their web browser to Join class.

After the student clicks Join, they will be fully added to the classroom roster, and their name will no longer appear gray in color.

You can also give students a Class Code, which is a different way for students to join the Google Classroom. Navigate to the classroom's main page and look in the title box for the Class code. To expand it for easy copy-and-paste, click on the expand box icon next to the class code itself.

When you send this to your students, they will be able to join your class by going to their Google Classroom home page, clicking on the Plus ( + ) icon in the upper right corner of the page, and then clicking Join Class.


Now that your Google Classrooms are set up, you can bring those classrooms into Boom Learning. Open a new web browser tab, or a new window, and navigate back to your Boom Learning home page.

1) Click on your Classes tab, and look at the menu on the left hand side ( you can see that I have already imported a Google Classroom called "Kyle's First Google Classroom", but it does not have any students in it ).

2) Click Import a Google Classroom...

3) A window will appear allowing you to choose the Google Account that you created the classroom with with the steps above in Step One. Click on that account, and sign in if necessary.

4) A window will appear, showing all of the Google Classrooms associate to that Google account. Click on Import Roster, which will import a new classroom ( you can also use this to Re-Import Rosters if new students join the classroom on the Google Classroom side later ).


Now that your students have been imported to Boom Learning, you can assign Boom Card decks to them through both Boom Learning and Google Classroom. We are not going to cover every type of assignment here, nor how to fully navigate the Library.

For a more comprehensive guide on assigning Boom Cards, please visit this page in our help center: 

Assign and Un-assign Boom Cards to Students 

And for getting your Library ready with teaching materials for your students, we have a useful video guide from our Youtube channel that should help you quickly:

Now, on from Step Two -- immediately after clicking Import Roster, you will see the classroom and its students appear in you students list.

1) Click on the ASSIGNMENTS tab, and you will see that the classroom has not yet been assigned any material.

2) Click on Assign More Decks

Search your Library for activities and Boom Card decks that you want this classroom to participate in, and then click on the clue check box next to each deck that you want to assign to the classroom.

When your students sign in to Boom Learning, they will see what their assignments are now.

You can now let your students know through Google Classroom, and provide a way for them to connect to the activities you assign to them. Before we return to Google Classroom to finish up, go to your Library tab and find the deck, or decks, that you assigned to your classrooms.

1) Click on the Action drop down for the deck that you assigned to your students.

2) Click Hyperplay Link

3) Select the hyperlink text, and copy-paste it to a notepad

Your notes can have the deck name next to each link, if you have many assignments. We're going to use one as an example for now, and replicate what we did in Boom Learning on the Google Classroom side.

Return to Google Classroom.

1) Return to your Google Classroom home page, and then click the Classwork tab in the top menu

2) Click on the Create button

3) Click Assignment

4) A new window will appear, and you will be able to enter details about the assignment

Now to attach the Hyperplay or Fastplay link that you generated just before.

5) Click on the Add button

6) Click on Link

7) A new window will appear, where you can Paste the Hyperplay or Fastplay link you generated

8) Click Add link, and the assignment will update with the link. You will see the attachment in the Assignment details page now.

You may add as many decks that you assigned to you classroom through Boom Learning this way. Once everything that you assigned them is linked, you will be ready for the last step.

9) Click Assign at the top right corner of the Assignment window to assign your students the activities.

Your students will receive e-mails about new assignments, and will be able to quickly and easily follow the links you created in Google Classroom to both log in, play, and be automatically graded.

What is a Fast Pin (Fastplay) and Hyperplay, and what is the difference?

A Fast Pin is a link you can follow through your web browser that allows you to play the deck. A Fast Pin expires 15 days after it is generated, and it does not collect student data. This means no automatic grading, no reports, and technically no need for the student to sign in at all -- anyone who follows the Fast Pin link can play the activity.

A Hyperplay link is designed to integrate with outside LMS, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or in this case, Google Classroom. This link will bring students to place where they can sign in with Google, and play the activities. They will be automatically graded and reports will also be available when you use Hyperplay.


The most common problem we hear about with Google Classrooms being setup is when a student is not fully added to the Google Classroom or to Boom Learning, and sees this.

The student logs in this way:

If the student is signed up with Google Classroom, you must ensure that they click this link, rather than clicking Sign in with Boom. If you are not using Google Classroom, students must log in using Sign in with Boom.

When they click Sign in with Google, a popup window will appear where they can choose their Google account to log in through.

Then, they see that the teacher has to finish set up, and they contact you!

Things to double check:

1) You must ensure that the student joined the invitation from Step One.

2) If the student cannot join through the e-mail, you can give the student the Class Code from Step One.

2) If they were not fully added to the Google Classroom roster at the time you imported it to Boom Learning, that is okay

3) Re-import students, which will not harm anything, but merely update the roster.

When the student clicks "Sign in with Google", nothing happens:

1) Ensure that the student's pop-up blocker is not preventing the Google sign in window from opening.

I imported my Google Classroom roster, but one (or more) students are missing, and they ARE fully joined on Google Classroom:

It is possible that the google e-mail address they are using that they are signed up

1) If the e-mail address of the Google account they are using is already being used as a teacher account in Boom Learning -- the teacher account must be deleted on the Boom Learning side, or they need to be added to the Google Classroom under a different e-mail address.

2) If you are unable to manage more than your membership plan's allowed total, please see about upgrade options to allow you to manage more students.

3) To further troubleshoot, remove and and t hen re-invite the student from and to the Google Classroom side, and then re-import the roster once again.

Students cannot see any assignments:

The student may be logged in as a teacher, if they accidentally created a teacher account before being imported. Find out what the student's Boom Learning menu bar looks like.

A Teacher account sees this:

A Student account sees this:

If the student is using a teacher account, that account must be deleted before you will be able to assign them any activities. Have the student follow this link and follow the steps for account deletion: 

1) Go to this link: Account Settings and Subscription

2) Click Delete Account 

Once the e-mail and account are free, invite them through the Google Classroom system once again, have them fully join, and then re-import the classroom roster to Boom Learning.

Student Does Not Have Permission - "your Google Account can't go here"

If you are not using a school management Google account but rather parent created accounts, be aware that restrictions for under 13 gmail accounts may prevent creation of students in a Google classroom. Parents may need to use their own accounts to allow student access. You can find additional tips for issues with joining Google classrooms from here -

Additional resources:

This video from our Youtube channel quickly covers Google Classroom and Boom Learning integration: