We get lots of questions about how students get their usernames and passwords / QR codes with Boom Learning. This guide is designed to help you get your students set up through their classrooms and provide them with the information they need to join. This FAQ only applies to students who will be using Boom ids (not Google) to sign in.


  1. Creating Classroom Access
  2. Creating Student Access
  3. Viewing Student Login Cards
  4. Troubleshooting



Select New Classroom to make a new Sign in with Boom classroom.

Each Classroom you create has a unique username and password. You can click over the automatically generated username or password to create a friendly name. All Classroom names must be globally unique. If what you enter does not "stick" it means that name is already taken in our system.

You can also click on the classroom Username and Password to reset them. The URL will reflect these changes.

If your students are old enough, we recommend that you give them your classroom username and password and they can use this to create their accounts. You can give them the classroom URL or send them to http://boom.cards to enter the classroom username and password.

To make a desktop shortcut, quick click URL, or QR code that automatically opens the Classroom, copy the URL and add /[password] to the end. So for the example classroom above the resulting URL looks like: https://wow.boomlearning.com/classrom/kyle/8b. Use any available online QR code generator to turn it into a QR code.


For younger kids, we recommend you choose "Add Many Students" and enter nicknames (not full names) for each student. Then distribute the new usernames and passwords to the students. Just like for classrooms, we automatically generate usernames and passwords for students, but you can type over these with something more natural, if desired, before distributing them to students.

When you create a student, you provide their "friendly" name and we generate a random Boom Username. You or the student can change the username. To change the username, just type over it with a replacement username. Usernames must be globally unique in our system so add a detail like a school abbreviation or teacher initials. For example: a student named "Billy" in teacher Miss Zara Smith's class might choose a username like "zs.billy"

You can generate unique student login cards for each student by following the guides here. The login card will have the username, password, and a scannable QR code for quick login.

Here is how to create a Login Card

1) Click to view your Classes tab

2) Click on the classroom in the left-hand menu that you want to review

3) This is the Classroom menu, and it will show you a list of all the students in the classroom

4) Click "Print Roster/QR"

Here you will see where you can check "All Students in classroom", or click on just the students you want to print Rosters for, and then click Print rosters. This will show you a Login Card with their login information on it, which you can forward to them.

For the green portions of the image guide: If you check the box with the Green Circle, you will be able to reset individual student passwords, or check to reset "All Students in classroom", but instead of simply printing the Student Cards, you will generate new passwords for those selected, and also get the Student Cards ready for print. If you want to change passwords from text to Picture Passwords, you must reset passwords for "All Students in classroom."

Please read the warning for the "Print roster with password or QR code" check box.

A quick way to reset every student's password would be to click the Set Password button instead, but this will not allow you to generate a QR code, and it will also not allow you to reset individual student passwords by checking on just the ones you want:

If you want to reset them to a picture password, check the "Use Picture Password for this classroom" box:


After you click "Print rosters", or "Generate New Password" (or "Reset password" when setting a picture password) in the guides above, your students will now have sign in credentials which you can forwards to them or to their parents.

The Login Card contains a scannable QR code and the password. The QR code when scanned opens a popup message that when clicked will launch the browser and login the student. At this time it does not launch the Boom Cards app, just the browser version. To login in to an app, students need to use a username and password.

These can be provided to your students and parents.

We don't save passwords in human-readable form. When you generate the .pdf of a Student Login Card, consider saving the resulting document as a .pdf so you have a backup copy if students lose their individual Student Login Cards. Save it in a secure place. Snip and separate login cards for distribution.


1. Student sees: "Please wait for your teacher to finish setup."

    Solution: Your student is clicking "Sign in with Google". Tell your student to click "Sign in with Boom."

2. Student sees: "User not found" or "error 403". 

Your student is not entering the correct user name. Boom usernames are not the same thing as the student's "friendly" name. Notice this student would sign in using "demokid" NOT "Demo Student"

3. Student sees: "Incorrect password

Probable causes - (1) typing the password incorrectly or (2) the username is incorrect for your student but correct for someone else so the password is "wrong" for the account the student is attempting to access.

Solution: Reset the password by creating a Print QR Login card for the student and highlight the username and password.