This guide will teach you how to create a "Sign in with Boom" classroom, change your classroom settings, create student accounts, and set passwords for your students. Google Classroom integration will not be covered in this article, but you can find information on using Google Classrooms with Boom here: Quick Start Guide for Setting up your Google Classroom with Boom Learning.


Creating A Boom Classroom (Classroom Username, Password, and QR Code)

First, navigate to your Classes tab. Then, click "New Classroom" to make a new "Sign in with Boom" classroom.

Your new classroom will automatically be given a general name. To change this, simply click on the bold lettering above the classroom's blue information box and edit the text. See the below screenshot for an example.

Each classroom you create also has a unique username and password. You can click on the automatically generated username or password to change either one to something that is easier to remember. All classroom usernames must be globally unique. If what you enter does not save, it means that name is already taken in our system.

Note: New classrooms are Locked and Private by default. Locking a classroom prevents students from creating new accounts or changing their nicknames. They can still change their avatar and password. Making a classroom Private prevents students from seeing names of other students in your roster. When the student logs out of a non-private classroom, they will see your classroom page and a list of student names and avatars. For more information on classroom privacy, please take a look at this guide: How to Change Classroom Privacy Settings.

Changing Your Classroom Settings

You can easily change your classroom settings by clicking the blue "Settings" button in the right corner of your classroom information.

If you have older students who will be creating their own accounts, you can change how they will join your classroom. Currently, students can join classrooms in three ways: Boom, Google, Microsoft, Clever, or ClassLink. If you change this option to "Locked", it will lock your classroom and prevent students from creating their own accounts.

Depending on which join option you choose, your students who navigate to your classroom QR code will see corresponding buttons to create an account and join your classroom. The other options will prompt students to enter their login credentials for the site.

You can also change your classroom privacy settings here, or choose to allow students to see your other classroom names when they log in via your classroom QR Code. When you are done tweaking the settings to your liking, click "Okay" to save your changes.

Creating Boom Accounts for Your Students (Usernames, Passwords, and Nicknames)

If your students are old enough, we recommend that you give them your classroom username and password and they can use this to create their accounts. You can give them the classroom QR Code to scan or send them to to enter the classroom username and password.

For younger kids, we recommend you choose "New Student" to manually create an account for them. You can also choose "Add Many Students" to create several accounts at once. This is a great option if you already have a list of your students to copy and paste into the text box.

The name you type in when adding students this way will serve as their "friendly" name. Just like for classrooms, we automatically generate usernames and passwords for students, but you can type over these with something more natural, if desired, before distributing them to students. Simply click directly on the username and it will become a text box that you can edit.

Student usernames must also be globally unique in our system. If you're having trouble creating a unique username, you can add detail like a school abbreviation or teacher initials. For example a student named "Billy" in teacher Miss Zara Smith's class might choose a username like "zs.billy".

You can change student passwords individually or on a classroom level. To change a single student's password, click the blue dropdown arrow by their name and then click "Password".

To change the password for all students in a classroom, click the "Set Passwords" button just above your student list. This option will override any individual student passwords as well. You can set a text password, or choose to set a Picture Password instead. To learn more about Picture Passwords, please refer to our guide Simplifying student sign-in with Picture Passwords and Classroom Sign-in.

You can generate unique student login cards for each student. The login card will have the username, password, and can include a scannable QR code for quick login. These can also be provided to your students and parents. For instructions on how to do this, please refer to this guide: Making, printing, and using login cards and QR Codes (print roster).

Troubleshooting Error Messages

If your student is having trouble logging in, be sure to first check the following:

  • Is your student selecting the correct login option on the student sign-in page?
  • Is your student entering their username and password correctly?
  • Is your student's device properly connected to the internet? 
  • Which web browser is your student using? Internet Explorer is not supported by Boom Cards.

If you are still having issues with your student accessing their account, please take a look at this guide: Troubleshooting: Student Can't Log In.

Other Resources

Now that you have set up your classroom and added your students, you can start assigning material to them! If you need some guidance on how to do this, our Assigning, Un-assigning, and Playing Boom Cards guide will walk you through each step. 

You can also send parents the link to our Quick Start Guide for Students and Parents to help them become acquainted with the student login process as well as how Boom Cards work.