Picture passwords are a way for students to sign in tapping icons on the screen instead of typing alphanumeric passwords. Classroom Sign-in allows students to sign in by choosing their name on a roster instead of using a standard login screen.

Note: Imported Google Classrooms cannot use Picture Passwords or Classroom Sign-in, and students in imported Google Classrooms must use Sign in with Google instead.

How to Turn on Picture Passwords

To use Picture Passwords, go to the "Classes" tab and open up the toolbar for one of your classrooms. Then tap "Set Passwords" to set all students to the same password, or "Print Roster/QR" to automatically assign them random passwords.

If you choose Set Passwords, tap the "use picture passwords" check box, then you will be asked to set a picture password for all students. 

If you chose Print Roster/QR, you will need to check "Print roster with password and QR code", check "Use picture passwords", and then tap "Generate passwords". You will be presented with a set of login cards with random picture passwords for each student.

Student Password Safety

Keep in mind that if you use Set Passwords, all your students will have the same password. It is highly recommended that you tell your students to change their password as soon as they log in, and not to share their passwords other students. If you have used login cards instead, tell your students not to show their login cards to other students. This will prevent students from logging in as each other.

Classroom Sign-in

WARNING: do not use Classroom Sign-in if your roster needs to be kept private. For more information, see this article: Keeping rosters private - FERPA & HIPAA Compliance

To simplify student login even further, you can use Classroom Sign-in. Signing in using your classroom's username and password combination on https://Boom.cards or going to your classroom's URL will show your class roster with avatars. Your students can tap their avatar and enter their password to sign in instead of typing a username.

If you want to make Classroom Sign-in into a simple, clickable icon for your students, you can make a shortcut using the classroom URL.

When a student signs out, the classroom will automatically re-sign-in and return to the roster list, which is useful for public devices that may be used by multiple students. You can disable this feature by changing the classroom to Private.