Purchasing Boom as a school or organization is different than purchasing a membership as an individual. This article will cover what is included with a bulk purchase and how it differs from the individual memberships listed on our home page.

If you already know that you'd like to purchase as an organization, you can read about our purchasing process here or get started with requesting a quote with our Estimate Builder.


What exactly can I purchase as an organization?

You can purchase memberships and points with our bulk purchasing process, which makes buying Boom for multiple educators a piece of cake! Organization purchases also include access to a School Dashboard, an administrative account used to easily distribute purchases to your staff.

How are organization orders processed?

After your estimate request has been approved, we will fulfill your order upon receipt of a purchase order or payment. Payment is in USD and can be made with credit card (for orders under $2000), PayPal, check/money order, or ACH (for orders over $2000).

When fulfilling your order, we will create a School Dashboard for your organization.

What's a School Dashboard account?

The School Dashboard is an amazing administrative tool that makes managing your organization's Boom accounts easier than ever. It is completely separate from a regular teacher account and will require an email address not already associated with an existing Boom account.

The School Dashboard can be designated to a member of your staff to oversee all your educators' Boom accounts. It will be your one-stop tool for making sure your educators have access to the memberships and points purchased by your organization.

School Dashboard managers can...

  • Add/invite educators to the organization's account
  • Assign memberships to individual accounts
  • Distribute and redistribute points among educators
  • Monitor when educators last logged into their account
  • View the number of decks purchased on each account
  • See a list of student accounts created by each educator
  • Request new estimates for add-on or renewal orders directly from the School Dashboard

Which memberships are available for organization purchases?

We offer organizations our BoomPlus membership plan. Basic, Power, Ultimate, and our new memberships, Essentials, Premium, and Publisher, are no longer available for bulk purchase and must be bought individually by the educator on their own account. Step-by-step instructions for buying non-BoomPlus memberships for others can be found here. Membership fees are annual.

BoomPlus memberships include:

  • Data processing and hosting
  • Access to create tools and the ability to create unlimited curricula for your teams
  • Access to the Boom Store where you can get pre-made curricula
  • Student performance/progress reporting
  • Live monitoring which allows educators to monitor their students' performance in real-time
  • Tools to collaborate and share with colleagues

It's also important to note that BoomPlus memberships purchased as an organization differ slightly from memberships purchased as an individual; Organization memberships are not limited to 150 students per teacher as opposed to the individual membership.

This is especially useful if, for example, a school account has a music teacher who works with 500 students-- that music teacher would not need to buy extra student seats to get more than 150 so long as the school has purchased at least 500 student seats in their initial order.

Are points included with the memberships?

Points are not included with memberships, but you can easily purchase points for your school or organization.

Points are digital access codes and are required to obtain the ready-made teaching resources created by teaching and curriculum professionals. Resources redeemed with points are associated with the account into which they are redeemed and cannot be shared with other accounts, unlike self-made curricula. Teaching resources redeemed with points will be available in accounts in subsequent years.

We recommend purchasing an allowance for each teacher based on their range of grades, subjects, and students. In general, we recommend the following allowances:  

  • Elementary classroom teachers: 2000 - 3000 points per teacher.
  • Secondary classroom teachers, special education teachers, and specialists (including computer lab, library, music, foreign language): 5,000 - 10,000 points each.

You can make do with less, but this will get your educators off to a strong start. In subsequent years, your teachers will be able to better estimate how many points they need.

Unused points can be transferred between teacher accounts on an organization account at any time using the tools in the School Dashboard.

What if teachers leave my school? Does my organization keep our purchases?

Yes! Accounts purchased by schools stay with the school and can be transferred between teachers upon request to address staffing changes.

Schools are welcome to gift accounts to departing teachers. If an account was first purchased by the teacher, any purchases made by the school to the account stay with the teacher if the teacher departs. An account with no purchased decks and an expired membership is not considered to be a teacher-purchased account. 

School-purchased accounts can also be transferred between teachers to reflect changes of grade-level serviced, temporary leave, and more. For example, teachers Kasha (5th grade) and Tyler (3rd grade) switch grade levels in year two. We can reassign Tyler's account to Kasha and Kasha's account to Tyler. All purchased decks transfer with the account. Kasha and Tyler can use our tools to transfer or share any self-made decks to the other account.

I still have questions. How do I contact you? 

If you still have questions, we are happy to answer them. Please email us at sales@boomlearning.com or call us at 833-WOW-BOOM (966-2666). You can also schedule an appointment for us to call you.