This method applies to individual membership purchases only. For school and organization (bulk) purchases, please refer to our buying guide: Buying Boom Cards for a School or Organization.

In order to purchase Essentials, Premium, or Publisher memberships for an individual account, you will need to be able to log into the account for which you are purchasing. To complete the membership purchase, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the teacher's account using their access credentials. If the teacher does not exist yet, create a new teacher account here.
  2. Navigate to our membership page and click "Choose" on the desired membership.
  3. Click on the payment method you want to use, PayPal or Stripe (Card), and enter your payment data.
  4. The account will be upgraded! Please let the teacher know that their membership is active.
  5. Navigate to the teacher's membership page and remove the payment method from the account.

Benefits of School/Organization/Managed Accounts

Is your school/organization paying for your Boom membership? Do you have multiple colleagues who already use Boom or are interested in trying it? You may want to consider purchasing Boom as an organization.

When you purchase multiple teacher accounts linked to a school/organization account, your account manager can access many features including:

  • Add/invite educators to the organization's account
  • Assign memberships to individual accounts
  • Distribute and redistribute points among educators

To learn more about purchasing Boom Learning as as school/organization, check out our guide here.