To change or add additional login options, go to Settings, Account Information.

There you can delete Google connections. You can type over and change your email address.

You may want to add a second or third way to login to your Boom Cards account. For example, you may have a pre-existing Boom Cards account that you have permission to use at your school, and your school uses Google Authentication. 

Some ways to use the options include:

1. Username and password (handy to add if you may be on extended leave and need to grant login rights to a substitute). Change your password or the username to revoke login privileges. Usernames are required to use the Share and Transfer features available in the Studio.

2. Email and password - this can be a school or home email address.

3. Google Authentication - this can be either a general Google username or a school Google username.

If you need to consolidate logins into a single account, you may contact us. We'll need information to identify the corrects accounts, such as receipt records, usernames, passwords, and best of all userids (especially for Google logins). If you have created decks you must consolidate those into a the account you want to keep using transfer before requesting a merge.