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I placed an order with a school PO on AUGUST 18th.  It is OCTOBER 12TH and I have yet to receive any information regarding the status of my order.  I have sent multiple emails and left multiple voicemails.  

Considering the lack of response I am now trying posting in a forum.

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Hi Susanna and All,

I apologize for the lack of communication and the long delays in getting your orders fulfilled.  We have been inundated with orders and desperately trying to fulfill them and respond to all of our customers' help requests.  We are continuing to hire new Customer Support staff.  But it takes time to train them on our platform and even longer to train them on how to address the needs of our schools and fulfill their orders.

I thank you for your patience, even though I know we are putting it to the test.  We truly value our customers and can only begin to understand the hardships our teachers are going through in these crazy, unprecedented times.  We know you are relying on us to help out here.  Please know we are committed to helping our customers and that we are doubling our efforts to do so in a timely manner.

Susanna, we fulfilled your order, albeit late.  I hope you and your colleagues are enjoying using Boom Learning in your classrooms.


Tu Duong

Customer Support and Sales Manager

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