On August 1, 2024, the exemption to our Service Fee of 10% on redemptions for single decks sales at TPT is coming to an end. Here is our step-by-step guide for what to do next:

  1. Decide if you want to make a change now or wait and see. First gather some data.
    • You can see your historic redemptions from the Transaction Dashboard. There have been some challenges for adding a .csv export that our team is working on solving. In the meantime, you can copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet. 
    • Leaf and STEM Learning has made a nifty spreadsheet you can add it to. Please join the Boom Publishers Facebook group if you have questions about the spreadsheet. We have pinned the post with the spreadsheet in the Featured section.
    • We cannot see any of your sales data on any external marketplace; but you can. That nifty spreadsheet has a place for you to add your external sales data and compare to your redemptions.
    • Please note, a buyer may wait a day, a week, a month, or never redeem their TPT purchases.
    • Your redemption to purchase comparison will tell a story about what you can expect for service fees and how much excess redemptions are a problem for your store in particular, if at all.  Everyone's experience is different.
  2. Now that you have some data, you have a decision to make.
    • If you want to continue to sell on TPT, you do not have to do anything. Starting 8/1 an external sales will have 10% redemption fee. You can see those in your Boom Store Transaction Dashboard. All those 8/1 and later redemptions are eligible for a Sales Audit.
      • If you continue to sell on TPT, consider which optional programs to participate in. We do not discount redemption fees incurred by volume licenses or similar discount programs (such as School Access). 
      • Make sure your bundles are being sold using the bundle redemption link. We do not adjust when bundles are listed using individual deck links. 
    • If you decide to stop selling on TPT, first remove your Boom Cards listings on TPT. You may want to let your Boom Cards customers know you will no longer be selling Boom Cards on TPT.
    • Then decide if and when you want to stop redemptions at Boom. 
      • Consider communicating to anyone who has purchased within 30-90 days (your choice) that they have a date after which redemptions won’t work. 
      • Decommissioning your TPT links in Boom Studio will break ALL external marketplace redemption links (TPT, Etsy, website, blog, newsletter, etc.). 
      • Buyers will not be able to redeem their purchases using the broken redemption links. You can learn more about disabling redemption links here

More Redemptions than Purchases? Learn About a Sales Audit

What if your data shows more redemptions than purchases? We offer a Sales Audit for redemptions on which a service fee was paid. If you have been paying service fees on TPT bundles, you may request a Sales Audit now for those bundles. For a fee, we can conduct a Sales Audit on redemptions for which no service fee was paid. The fee for will depend on the size of the audit.

Please send that nifty spreadsheet along with your request. In a Sales Audit we use the data you send to go hunting for people engaging in improper sharing.

We will investigate. To aid the investigation, please send us all your evidence: purchaser names, dates, and deck titles and deck URLs (just the play URL/not the TPT URL). If you know the purchaser that lead to the improper extra redemptions (sometimes it is obvious), that would greatly help with the audit.

Our approach is to start with urging those who redeemed without a proper license to go obtain one. If we are unable to get proof they have done so, we remove materials from their libraries.

Sales Audit requests must be directed to legal@boomlearning.com