Updated May 18, 2023 (Archived Version)

Below are Exhibits Usable for Data Privacy Agreements.



Boom Cards teaching resources are cloud-based mini-apps. They can be used as digital learning games, instant-feedback quizzes, interactive lessons, and more. The Boom Learning platform includes (a) student player, (b) learner reporting tools, (c) storage for purchased and created Boom Cards, and (d) Boom Cards creation tools. Boom Cards can be assigned in ways that do not collect data or in ways that report learner performance data. Schools use Boom Cards to support learning and intervention.



Category of Data
Used by the System
Application Technology Meta DataIP Addresses of users, Use of cookies, etc.
Other application technology meta data: user platform, user device, browser version, build version, OS type and version
Application Use StatisticsMeta data on user interaction with application, including last login, creation timestamps.
AssessmentStandardized test scores
Observation data
Other assessment data - Student performance on Boom Cards tasks which may be used as formative and/or summative assessments as assigned by the teacher
AttendanceStudent school (daily) attendance data
Student class attendance data
CommunicationsOnline communications captured (emails, blog entries)
ConductConduct or behavioral data
DemographicsDate of birth
Place of birth
Ethnicity or race
Language information (native, or primary language spoken by student)
Other demographic information-Please specify: school location
EnrollmentStudent school enrollment
Student grade level
Guidance counselor
Specific curriculum programs
Year of graduation
Other enrollment information-Please specify
Parent/Guardian Contact InformationAddress
EmailIf parent creates an account
Parent/Guardian IDParent ID number (created to link parents to students)If parent creates an account
Parent/Guardian NameFirst and/or LastIf parent creates an account
ScheduleStudent scheduled courses
Teacher namesIf provided by teacher
Special IndicatorEnglish language learner information
Low income status
Medical alerts/health data
Student disability information
Specialized education services (IEP or 504)
Living situations (homeless/foster care
Student Contact InformationAddress
Student Identifiers
Local (School district) ID Number
State ID Number
Provider/App assigned student ID number
Student app username
Student app passwords
Student NameFirst and/or Last
Student in App PerformanceProgram/application performance 
Student Program MembershipAcademic or extracurricular activities a student may belong to or participate in
Student Survey ResponsesStudent responses to surveys or questionnaires
Student workStudent generated content; writing, pictures, etc.
Other student work data - Please specify: short answers, student created decks (forthcoming)
TranscriptStudent course grades
Student course data
Student course grades/performance scores
Other transcript data- Please specify:
TransportationStudent bus assignment
Student pick up and/or drop off location
Student bus card ID number
Other transportation data - Please specify:
OtherAnalytics data showing pages interacted with, resources played, cards played, time to play a resource, time to play a card, correct answers, incorrect answers, and other student actions with respect to a card.



Category of Data
Application Technology Meta DataIP Addresses of users, Use of cookies, etc.
Other application technology meta data: user platform, user device, browser version, build version, OS type and version
IP geolocation when purchasing
Application Use StatisticsMeta data on user interaction with application

Online communications: emails, direct messages, blog entries, landing page interactions, quote requests
Feedback (1:1) and ratings (public) you give to or on an author
Customer support requests, sales communications, legal support requests, and related account purchasing and service communications, including metadata about your interactions with us
DemographicsLanguage information (native, or primary language spoken)
Other demographic information-Please specify: school location
Contact InformationEmail

First and/or Last
Provider/App assigned ID number
Teacher name
Author name
Third-party authenticators
Entity affiliation if an Entity owned account
Classroom data (if used)Classroom nickname
Classroom username
Classroom password
Classroom metadata
Decks assigned to students
FinancialPurchase records including payment information and source and credits available
Last four of credit card (our payment processor collects the full number, expiration data, and verification numbers)
Geolocation at time of purchase
Email address associated with your purchase history
External purchase redemption records
Records of referrals and referral rewards
Fraud and risk assessments when purchasing
Content DataRecords of decks made
Records of materials uploaded, including fonts, images, sound, vides, and printables
Records of deck page contents
OtherRecords of who you follow
Records of who referred you
Records of promotions you have received
Records of strikes against your account
Analytics data of pages interacted with
Order number from third-party site redemptions. We may disclose your order number and name to the selling party for verification and auditing purposes.
Referring site
Key actions you have taken to send contextually relevant training, instruction, and information.
Records of newsletters and training communications you have been sent, opened, or clicked on.



Records of which users follow you or redeem your products
Records of sales made
Your taxpayer identification number and related forms and records
Your payout instructions