Boom Live is a screen-mirroring feature that allows multiple users to play a Boom Card at the same time. Teachers will see each student's mouse movement and answers. Students can collaborate with each other and work as a team to complete the Boom deck! This is great for 1 on 1 sessions, group work, therapy sessions, and more!

This feature is available for all users with a Paid Membership level including Essential, Premium, Publisher, and Boom Plus membership levels. 

Here's how to start and manage a Live Session:

Go to your Library and select a Boom Card, click on the Action dropdown menu and select "Start Live Session". 

This will open the Boom Live Setup menu, from here you can set your sessions default permissions.

Once you set your preferred permissions, click "Start Session". A Modal will automatically populate with the 2 different ways you can invite participants to access the live session, using a Pin or a Link. 

Managing a play session 

Teachers can easily change their student's access settings without going into your Live management settings. 

Teacher's can toggle their class's access to interacting with the deck using the switch in the upper right corner, the switch will look like this: 

When your student access is on, it will be blue. When your students are blocked from interacting, it will be red. 

Student view will look like this:

When they have access they will see a blue Mouse on symbol shown below.  

When they do not have access, they will see it turn red. 

This setting is a blanket on/off switch, if you would like to allow select students to interact with the deck at once you can fine tune those settings in your management settings. 

These settings can be accessed using the red "signal" icon in the top left corner. 

Using a Pin

The students can use a Pin from their setting menu or the Boom Cards main page. 

Using a Link

The students can either copy and paste the link into their browser or click on the link in a page you provide.

Starting the session 

When the student accesses the Boom Live Session for the first time or , they will be prompted to enter their name for the session. Multiple students can join the Live Session. To leave the Live Session, students can click on blue signal icon in upper left corner and click on Leave Session. 

Teachers will see all Connected Users and be able to give them mouse, button, submit and keyboard controls by clicking the red "signal" icon in the top left corner. 

Click on the icon for each control you would like to enable. Click Save Changes.

You can end the session at any time by clicking the red signal icon and End Session.

Please Note: No reports are saved because this feature does not require the student to log into their student account.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at (833) WOW-BOOM. A real human will happily help you!