Voice Memo allows a student to record their voice and play it back. It can be used for word pronunciation practice and is helpful for Speech-Language Pathologists or Foreign Language instructors, among others.


Student View

The image below is what students will see when a card has Voice Memo added by the deck author. The "Recorder" button under the "Next" button will allow students to record up to 10 seconds for use as self-practice. 

When the "Recorder" button is clicked during deck play, the page shown below will pop up. From there, the student can click the green "Start" button to record a 10 second memo.

After the student is done recording their voice memo, they will be able to listen back to what they said or they can rerecord. 

At this time, voice memo is solely for student use. Voice memos do not save during a play through of a Boom Deck, and voice memo recordings cannot be accessed by instructors at this time.

How to Use Voice Memos in your Cards

Any card in a Boom Deck can have Voice Memo added to it! The author just needs to select "Allows Voice" on a non template card. This gives students the option to record their voice if they would like to. 

To allow a student to use voice memo in a card, the "Allows Voice" box needs to be checked under "Media Options".

This new feature was announced during our Boom Learning Symposium - Developer Showcase (Starting at 14:31) You can access the recorded webinar at any time on our YouTube channel for more information about what's coming to Boom Learning next!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at help@boomlearning.com or call us at (833) WOW-BOOM. A real human will happily help you!