This guide will walk you through how to integrate your ClassLink account with your Boom Learning account. This article does not explain how to create a ClassLink account and assumes your students already have ClassLink accounts created.


First, you will need to add the Boom Cards "app" to your ClassLink dashboard.

Navigate to the "My Apps" screen of your Launchpad and right click; click the "New App" option.

Then search "boom cards" in the app library's search bar. Add the Boom Cards (oAuth) application to your dashboard.

Then, click the icon the appears on your dashboard.

If you are already signed into Boom Cards on your device, you will see a modal window that will allow you to link up your accounts. If you aren't logged in on your device, you will be able to login before seeing the modal. 

Clicking "connect" will guide you to the Settings screen, where you can connect your account with the following switch. You will see a confirmation message once you do this.



You are now ready to import your classrooms.

Navigate to your "Classes" tab and look for the "Import from ClassLink" button. It will only be present if you have not reached the maximum number of classes for your account yet. (The maximum number of classes for most accounts is 17.)

You will see a confirmation message and your students will now be able to login. You will be able to assign them decks the same way you would assign decks to any other classroom. For more information on assigning decks, view this article: Assigning, Un-assigning, and Playing Boom Cards

If you ever need to re-import or add a new student, just use the dedicated "Add/Re-Import Students" button on your Classroom dashboard. 

(Please note that Boom Learning does not support Automatic Nightly Rostering through ClassLink.)

How Do Students Login? 

Unlike the other Boom integrations, Students will need to login directly through ClassLink instead of through the Boom login screen. They will need to click the Boom Cards app icon on their ClassLink dashboard; their accounts should have already been linked when they were imported by the teacher account.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at (833) WOW-BOOM. A real human will happily help you!