We encourage and support anyone interested in sharing information on Boom Learning with colleagues. Anyone interested in presenting on Boom Learning can request Swag including post cards, flyers, and stickers as well as make use of our base slides.

Below you will find digital resources which are free to use for your a presentation on Boom Learning at schools, conference, or other events.

Attached are digital copies of:

  • Digital flyer complete with QR codes
  • Printable Cards 
  • Base PowerPoint Slides

Looking for physical swag as well? Submit your request click here

We can ship any of the following to you:

  • Glossy flyers
  • Matte Post Cards with blank backs to add your own information
  • Stickers with the Boom Logo

Requests for physical materials must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to your presentation to allow time for processing and shipping.

Partner with Boom Learning

Those interested in collaborating with Boom Learning on Webinars or other live events can apply by clicking here.

If you have questions or need additional support with an upcoming event or collaborative project, please reach out to help@boomlearning.com

Share your Story

To share images or stories from your events, please check out our FAQ: How to Share Pictures, Videos, and Stories with Boom

Marketing with Boom

To learn more about how to use the Boom Logo on materials you produce, see our FAQ: Using Boom Learning Logos, Badges, Trademarks, and Service Marks.