Boom Learning is a platform and set of tools for creating and assigning Boom Cards which are cloud-based digital learning resources, such as digital flash/task cards, quizzes, interactive lessons, and more. Boom Learning can be used with in-person learning but also excels in remote learning. 


With the wide variety of Boom Cards that you can purchase and/or create, you can provide personalized learning, customized for your students’ specific needs.  

There are essentially two parts to Boom:

  • Memberships

  • Boom Cards  



Boom Learning memberships allow the user to: 

  • Create and/or purchase Boom Cards 
  • Assign Boom Cards to students 
  • Review student performance and progress reports  
  • Sell Boom Cards in a marketplace with an Ultimate membership 

Membership prices pay for data hosting. A Boom Learning the account acts as a home base which houses both Boom Cards and students. The ability to create self-grading learning materials and access to student reports are available in all membership plans. Different membership levels offer varying features. 

You can find out more about our different memberships here: 

Detailed student performance and progress reports are what make Boom Learning stand out from the competition. Boom Cards are self-grading. When a student answers a question, they are immediately notified if it is correct or incorrect. Furthermore, a deck report will help teachers and clinicians to track accuracy, errors, and answering speed by individual students or for a whole classroom. This allows teachers to provide immediate intervention with in-person or remote learning. 

Boom Cards 



Boom Cards (also called Boom Decks) are digital task cards that exist exclusively in the cloud. Boom Cards are purchased separately from memberships or are created from scratch by teachers.You need either a free account or paid membership to use your Boom Cards. All content on the Boom Store is purchased using Points. Prices vary, though there is content that is available to use for free. As stated above in memberships, teachers have the ability to create their own decks for use with their students and share them with their colleagues.  


Buying for a School or other Organization 


We do offer organizational plans if you are interested in getting Boom Cards for more than one staff member. These accounts are controlled by the organization and we offer some great tools to help manage the accounts. You can learn more about that here: Buying Boom Cards for a school (Purchase Orders, School Purchases, Practice Purchases).