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Getting Students off to the Right Start 

For the best student experience, students should use one of these ways to access Boom Learning:

1. https://boom.cards (browser)
2. A Boom Cards App (Apple Store, Google Play, and Kindle Fire Store
3. Scan a QR Code (generate from the Classroom)

Please read our full FAQ on students sign in options, including important notes about using Print Roster/QR.

There are a few things parents and students should know:

  • We at Boom Learning cannot reset their passwords. They need to contact their teacher.
  • They can view student progress from the Student Dashboard.

To help you get parents started you can just send them this link: Understanding Your Student Progress Report (includes a link to a Spanish translation).

Alternatively, you can forward the message below to parents. It includes how to get logged in and understanding progress reports. For the Login Section, delete the methods you are not using first!!!

Hi Parents,

We are now using Boom Learning with your students. Boom Learning allows me to check your student's progress in real-time or remotely, without you or me having to hand grade.

Your student's login details are included in this message. To get started, here are things you and your student can do together:


  • Decide whether to access Boom Cards from https://boom.cards or whether to use a Boom Cards app (download from the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon).
  • Older devices may need to use the browser (boom.cards) to get access. Boom Cards require Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, or Firefox to work. Internet Explorer is not supported.

  • If I have sent a FastPin, just enter it and click Play.
  • If I have told you to sign in to play the decks, then [Scan the QR code] [Click Sign In, then Sign in with Boom, and enter your username (this is not the same as your short name) and your password][Click Sign in with Google and enter your school Google account information]
  • If you have forgotten your password or don't know your login, please contact me. For Privacy reasons, Boom Learning is not authorized to disclose that information to you directly.


Completion: The Green circle shows whether you have completed all the cards in the assignment. 

For some assignments, you will play all the cards at once. For others, you may play them over a series of smaller sets of cards. Your goal is to turn the green circle from light green to Dark Green.

Mastery: The Blue circle shows whether you have mastered the content in the Boom Cards deck. 

Unless I have assigned an item as an assessment, your goal is to keep playing, even after you earned the √ in the Green Circle until you have mastered all the Gems in the Blue circle. When you complete this task, the word "Mastery" disappears from the Blue Circle and you see your gems. The top example below is a Mastered deck with all gems earned. The bottom example shows the student is still working towards mastery. 

Improving: Click the Blue Mastery Circle to get details on your learning. 

Clicking any Red Bar will show you items you answered incorrectly along with the correct answer. You should review these items, ask a teacher or parent for help if you don't understand why your answer was incorrect, and then come back and try again after a little break to see if you have now mastered the content. Your goal is not just to play the game, but to crush it with your learning.