This article will provide instructions for adding "normal" students to classrooms that were imported from Google Classroom, ClassLink, or Clever.


Because of how imported accounts work, you cannot directly add new students to a Classroom you've imported if they do not exist within the Roster you imported them from. However, if you absolutely need to add new students anyway and can't import them, there are two workarounds:

Using the "Move/Copy" Tool

First, create a new classroom and student, or locate the student in an existing classroom. Next to the student's name, click the dropdown arrow and select "Move/Copy". 

Then, select the imported classroom you'd like to move the student into.

You can also click on their name plate and drag it to the classroom you want them to be copied to while holding down the mouse button. 

Voila! Your student has been added to your imported classroom. Please keep in mind that they will still need to use their original login method to access their account; they will not be able to log in with Google, Clever, or ClassLink.

Using the Classroom Join Settings

Alternatively, your non-imported student can join your class by logging into it with either the Classroom URL or the Classroom Code and password.

As the teacher, you will first need to change your imported Classroom's settings to allow new students to join. You can easily change your classroom settings by clicking the blue "Settings" button in the right corner of your classroom information.

If you change this option to "Locked", it will lock your classroom and prevent students from creating their own account. All classrooms are locked by default.

Once you have updated this setting to allow students to join, you will need to provide your student with either your Classroom URL or the Classroom Code and password. The student can enter the Code and password on the student sign-in page.

Depending on which join option you chose, your students who log into your classroom will see corresponding buttons to create an account and join your classroom. The Google, Microsoft, and Clever options will prompt students to enter their Google or Microsoft login credentials to create their new Boom account.

After they complete the sign-up process, you will see them appear as a student in your imported classroom's roster.