This article covers how to make sure that your uploaded images are not blurry as well as some information on using GIFs with your Boom Cards.

Optimal Image Size 

When it comes to uploading your images... smaller is better!

To get the best quality images in Boom Learning, upload images that are:

  • less than 300k file size and 
  • less than 1400 pixels wide and 1000 pixels tall

For background images, 1400 x 1000 pixels is the ideal image size. For images used as content, you most likely will not want to exceed 500 pixels in either direction.

Any images that exceed these limits will be compressed before they get uploaded. We use browser-based compression that will probably not compress as well as if you use your image editor to compress the image before uploading it. On top of this, the Safari scaling engine prefers to blur images when shrinking them to fit into a smaller space.

Using smaller sizes for your images and lower DPI (dots per inch) will actually produce better-looking images.

Using GIFs on Boom Cards

Uploading animated GIFs can be used to add fun visuals to your Boom Deck. However, if a GIF is compressed because it is too big, it will become a static picture. To make sure that your GIF will animate properly, please keep its file size below 300k.

Other Resources

If you find yourself having trouble with uploading images and GIFs to your Boom Cards, please reach out to our support team through the Help Center. We also recommend checking out our Creators Facebook group; this is a great place to ask for help or tips from fellow Boom Card creators!