To assemble your Boom Learning records for tax season you need three (3) numbers:

1. Boom Sales (income)

2. External Sales Fees (expenses)

3. Payments to Boom Learning (expenses)

Boom Sales

If you do not have external sales, you can find your income report in the Sales Tab (access through the Studio). Scroll to PAYMENTS. Copy and paste the entries for the taxable year of interest. Do not use this method if you have External Sales Fees. 

Sellers with External Sales Fees

If you do have external sales, use the CREDITS field to obtain your values. Click Switch to All Time. Then copy the data for the taxable year range and paste the data into a spreadsheet.

Filter on the memo field for two items. Filter on "external sales" in the Memo field and report the results to your accountant as an expense line item. Filter on Boom sales and report the results to your accountant as your income line item. This will be different than your PAYMENTS summary. Ignore Admin Credits and Payments (these are used to record payments we receive from you or that we issue to you).

Payments to Boom Learning

Go to the Membership tab of SettingsThere you can find your Payment Transactions to us (expenses). These can be copied and pasted to a spreadsheet.