What are custom play settings?

Custom play settings are a way to change the behavior of the decks you assign to your students. The options will change depending on the type of deck. Randomized decks will have unique options.

Where do I set custom play settings?

In the LIBRARY tab, use the "action" button to set custom play settings. 

Clicking this will open the Custom Play Settings options menu. The example below is for a randomized deck.

Show answer if surrender?

Turning this option on will allow your student to view the correct answer for a card even if they give up instead of completing it.

Allow multiple plays?

Do you want your students to work through the same deck numerous times? This is where you enable it. Multiple playthroughs of a deck are a good way for students to develop subject mastery.

Number of cards per play / Turn off randomizing the cards

If a deck has the card randomizer enabled by the author, this is a way for you to turn it off.

You can adjust the "Number of cards per play" by pressing the highlighted blue text. You will see the menu pictured below when you do. The default number of cards per play is 20.

If you want to have students play a small subset of cards per play, make sure Allow multiple plays is selected.

When a student is doing multiple plays of a randomized deck, our algorithm is designed to serve new cards the student has never seen first. After all cards have been served once, it begins to shuffle in previously played cards. 

Note: If the deck randomizer is enabled, the circle in the student dashboard and teacher reports will remain red until the student has played the deck enough times to see every card in the deck.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at help@boomlearning.com or call us at (833) WOW-BOOM. A real human will happily help you!