Cards Per Play

Decks default to playing the number of cards per play set by the author, or 20 cards if no the author did not set a minimum or maximum. Students may need to play a deck more than once to play all cards. In the Library view, you can set Custom Play options for each deck. 

  • If you uncheck "Allow multiple plays?", the student will be served every card in the deck on their subsequent plays. 
  • If you want to have students play a subset of cards per play, make sure Allow multiple plays is selected and click on "Number of cards per play" to change the maximum quantity.
  • The circle in the student dashboard and teacher reports will remain red until the student has played the deck enough times to see every card in the deck.
  • In many cases, students will need to play the deck, two or more times to play every card. Our algorithm is designed to serve new cards the student has never seen first. After all cards have been served once, it begins to shuffle in previously played cards.

In the LIBRARY tab, use the "action" button to set custom play settings.

You can set how many cards a student will get. By default it is 20.