Boom Learning's physical offices are located in Washington State, in the City of Kirkland.

Our sellers are wholesalers, not retailers, for sales made on Boom Learning. The point of sale for Boom Learning is upon the purchase of a membership, points package, or online-curriculum license. We collect end-user taxes (sales, GST/HST, VAT) at the point of purchase in locations and on products that

  1. where we have met the threshold for collection AND
  2. the service or product sold is subject to end-user taxation.

What Boom Provides

  • Free software as a service (the Editor and Player)
  • Paid software as a service sold as digital access codes (points) or direct purchase
  • Free and paid data processing services (memberships) for student performance management. 

End user taxability of our services varies from location to location. Some locations impose end user tax on all elements, others only on our software as service elements (points). 

End-User Reported Taxes (for purchasers)

An end-user reported tax may take the form of use or VAT tax depending on your location. A sale by Boom Learning to you may be subject to end-user tax reporting in your location. Typically a sale is not subject to end-user reporting if

  • the item is excluded from end-user tax, or
  • we collected sales tax,
  • an exemption applies to your purchase.

There is no exemption based on the fact that a purchase is made over the internet. If we did not collect and end-user tax from you and you are not a tax-exempt purchaser, speak with your tax professional about your tax filing requirements. 

You can find your purchase record for the year here.

You may contact us at is you have questions about end-user taxes.