Boom Cards exist exclusively in the cloud (just like Kahoots and Quizlets). You need either a free account or a premium membership to use your Boom Cards. Free accounts play Boom Cards with FastPlay (limits apply).

If you have a premium membership (whether paid or a through a free promotion), you can play Boom Cards using our tools that generate student reports. With student reports, you can track accuracy, errors, and fluency speed for students. Track by individual or whole classroom. More importantly, premium memberships enable you to make reteaching decisions today instead of after the big test.

Try a premium membership to change the way you teach! 

You may have received a premium membership for a limited time as a free promotion. You do not have to renew to keep using your Boom Cards. You can play your Boom Cards with the FastPlay pin and a free account.

Boom Cards designed specifically for the K-12 marketplace so they include privacy and security features you need to be on the right side of the law.

Each membership tier has unique features and limits. To see features and pricing visit our public pricing page. To select a tier when logged in, go to our membership purchasing page.