What is a Pen Name?

We call your Store or Author name your "Pen Name." It appears in the Store when you publish a deck as your Store Name. It is your "brand" at Boom Learning.

It is different than your Teacher Name, which is the name displayed to your students.

Setting a Pen Name

Pen Names are locked and cannot be changed once you click "Publish". Choose your Pen Name carefully.

To set a Pen Name go to the Studio. It will show an avatar circle, with your User Name under it. (In our example it is set to "Pen Name").

Click on the words "Pen Name" and type the name you want to display next to your store listings.

Changing a Pen Name

There is a fee to change a Pen Name. To change a Pen Name follow these steps

1. Send a message when logged in from the Help Center titled Pen Name change

2. We will issue a Payment Request for $20 - payable here and will reply to your ticket saying the request is available.

3. Reply after paying and we will confirm payment and unlock your account.

4. Immediately - before publishing any additional decks - change the Pen Name. Your name should not be confusingly similar to any existing Pen Names. All Pen Names must be unique.

5. Then unpublish and republish each deck in your store to apply the new Pen Name to each product.

6. Congratulations - you have changed your Pen Name.