This FAQ applies to all organizational purchases, whether schools, private or public, therapy practices, or hospital or university therapy clinics. It also applies to individual teachers who need additional students.

Step One — Estimate

Basic and Power are no longer available for group purchase and must be bought from the app by the individual teacher. In order to purchase these accounts for teachers, please follow this step by step guide from our help center: Buying Basic and Power for Others.

Please start with the estimate builder:

Click to Build an Estimate

We offer schools our PowerPlus plan.

  1. This includes one account per teacher with 150 student seats, 5 flexible groupings per teacher, unlimited self-made decks with the ability to include sound features in them, and live monitoring. 
  2. Teachers can share self-made decks with the Share tool. 
  3. Students can be shared with the Colleagues tool.
  4. It also includes an admin account that allows reassignment of points and last teacher login. More features are coming.

You may place points only orders also. The minimum purchase is 5000 points for points only orders.

If you are requesting a different membership (Ultimate), make a note in the comments field. Ultimate is available for bulk purchase of 5 licenses or more. 

Your estimate will include applicable sales tax, if any, unless you provide a basis for tax exemption. If your state requires a certificate, you must provide one for the sale to have tax be exempted from the invoice.

Step Two - Agreements and Documents.

  1. ALL: You can download our W-9 and sole source letter below.
  2. Exhibit E Student Data Privacy Consortium agreements can be found at here.
  3. Connecticut Student Privacy Pledge signatory - see below. Send additional documents to be signed to
  4. New Jersey business authority documents are available here
  5. New York Section 2-d Rider and Data Security Plan can be downloaded below. For fastest turnaround, nsert your school name, contract end date, and the date effective and return to us. Send your Parent Bill of Rights and any additional documents to be signed to 
  6. Texas - we participate in the Central Texas Purchasing Alliance through an agreement with Conroe ISD.
  7. Additional documents and vendor forms should be sent to
  8. Please see Common Modified Terms for terms we will ask you to modify in your agreements you send us. Save us both some time and include these up front!

Step Three - Purchase Order or Payment and Provisioning

Scan or photograph and email your purchase order to Within 2-5 business days of receiving the binding purchase order and list of provisioning emails, we will credit each teacher account and will issue the invoice. Customers who do not use a binding purchase order will be required to pay before the account is provisioned.

We understand some schools require a fax number to complete a PO. You may use this number (425) 405-6436. 

Your invoices will be sent from Boom Learning, (833) 969-2666, 9805 NE 116th STE #7198, Kirkland WA 98034