What Font and Image authors and owners need to know about Boom Learning

Boom Learning™ allows users to create rich, interactive teaching resources known as Boom Cards or "decks". The flexibility of the platform allows a single "deck" to contain a wide range of actions. Authors can mix and match. Examples of items that can be created include lessons and mini-lessons, multiple choice interrogations, worksheet type activities (for example, find all the things that have the short o sound), task cards, flash cards, quizzes, assessments, self-assessment rubrics, mathematics reinforcement and assessment, mini games, mini books and more.

Users can assign decks they create to their students or they can buy decks from authors in the Boom Learning store. Authors create decks using the Boom Learning editor. Students can play Boom Cards on the web, or on tablets. You can find Boom Cards on the App Store® and Google Play™.

Authors can incorporate a variety of assets, currently fonts, images and video, and sound. The Boom Learning editor allows users to upload assets and incorporate them into their Boom Cards decks. Images are scaled down to 1400 pixels x 1000 pixels. 

Some asset authors, who are intrigued by the platform but who don't wish to open a store just yet, have granted permission for Boom Learning users to use assets they have already licensed through another site (such as a site that sells clip art) to use that content on Boom. You may grant permission author by author, or, if you would like to grant it in a blanket manner, we maintain a list on our author Facebook group of artists who have given such permission. You may contact us if you would like to be added to the list. As a creator you may also join the group.

Boom Learning allows creators to make highly interactive products, without needing to code, manage developers, or spend a small fortune. Decks are not apps. They can't be downloaded and only exist with the Boom Learning platform. Boom Cards is the app; teacher products are decks created within it. Think Powerpoint = software; slide deck = deck. Of course, Boom Cards decks have some serious superpowers when compared to a traditional slide deck, so we sometimes call them mini-apps.

Boom Learning also has a store where users can purchase fonts, images, and video from artists to include in their decks.  Boom Cards decks have much greater flexibility with color and design than the printables market so you may want to offer different versions of your products on Boom Learning.  You can sell your items on the Boom Learning store under your terms (include them in the description) or under our terms (contained in the Terms of Service). If you don't provide terms, our terms apply to make sure your products have some protection. If you have a store on Boom Learning, with even only one image for sale, your buyers can click an "Ack Authors" button in the Details page and select you to automatically give you attribution with your logo and store name.

You must have the rights to sell any assets you add to the marketplace. If you remove content you have posted from the marketplace, anyone who has already purchased it will continue to be able to use it, but new users will not be able to purchase it. If we remove your content from the store on grounds of a claim of copyright infringement, all users who are using content that contains that image will be affected (the image will disappear from their decks). That is a very bad user experience and will reflect poorly on you. Make sure you have the rights! We will do holdbacks and bill you for any refunds we have to issue if we must remove your content based on your infringement.

We have taken steps to reduce the exposure of your images to piracy. However, to protect your images, we do not describe them in detail here. In broad terms, we impose a watermark on images in the store. For images incorporated into decks, deck users cannot use a right click to extract the image from the deck. Image purchasers can right click from their image library, but the resolution is limited to no more than 1400 x 1000. You may contact us to learn in more detail what we do to protect artwork. If you put "How Boom Protects Art" in your subject line you will get a faster response. For drag and drop (Drop Zones) we offer "complex containers" that allow users to mix text and image objects into a single moveable object. Right click is disabled for the object. However, the text is not flattened against the image.