Where do I find my order number for Boom Cards bought outside of the Boom Store?


For TPT sales, you will normally find the order number by going to the My Purchases page and clicking View Receipt for the particular purchase.  


If you have a TPT School Access account please write TPT School Access and your school in place of your order number. 

If the deck was free, please write "free" in the order number spot. 

On Etsy, you will normally find the order number under the Purchases tab.


On a Boom Publisher blog or website, you will often see the order number in an emailed invoice or bill.


Sometimes, you may receive a link to Boom Cards through a promotional offer, such as a direct message or an email. If this is the case, please provide the date and medium so that the seller can identify your order. For instance, you might say, “IG Message on 07/01/24.” This will allow the seller to validate your purchase without an order number.