These additional Terms of Service apply to all Google Workspace for Education users of the Boom Add-On. In the event of a conflict between our standard Terms of Service and the terms in this Addendum, this Addendum will prevail. Your organization may have elected to sign the Entity Terms of Service or may have a different master agreement with us. In those cases, those master agreements supersede our standard Terms of Service. The terms below apply to all Google Add On customers, regardless of the form of master agreement between Boom Learning and the Google Add On user.

Compliance with Google Terms and Privacy Policies: In addition to the Boom Learning Acceptable use policy, you must also conform to the applicable Google terms and conditions and privacy policies. Your Google Add-On administrator may impose additional limitations on your experience.

School Account Required. The Boom Add-On requires a school-managed managed Boom account and district levels permissions to use the Boom Add-On. It is not available for free accounts.  

The Boom Add-On for Google Workspace for Education has a unique feature set.  The Google Add-On experience differs in fundamental ways from the direct Boom Learning experience. It has some additional features. Other features are not available. See our FAQs for details specific to the Google Add-On experience. Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the key difference between the Boom Add-On experience and the Boom Cards app experience (available through the downloadable app or at

You will gain the features associated with Google Classroom. You will be able to choose from average, last, or best score to apply as the grade in Google Classroom.

Core Boom features the Boom Add-On supports include

  • Students receiving instant feedback on their performance
  • Teachers finding free and paid activities in the Boom Store
  • Teachers viewing detailed reports on student progress

The following list is a non-exhaustive list of features that are not available in the Boom Add-On but are available by logging in to the Boom web app:

  • Fastplay
  • Live Monitoring
  • Boom Live
  • Boom Studio
  • Hyperplay links

Students who play Boom Cards using the Boom Add-On have a unique experience. Boom Add On students are not able to access detailed reports. Boom Add-On students do not receive Boom student rewards (pulses, gems, and coins).