This a NEW feature in development! Keep an eye out for our emails and socials to be alerted when this is available! 

The Google Addon is a quick and easy way for teachers to assign and post grades for Boom Assignments and students to play decks while never leaving Google Classroom! 


What can you do in the Boom Google AddOn?

Getting Started

If you have an empty Library when you enter the Boom AddOn you will be faced with the option to either go to the store to buy deck(s) from our Store or Create decks of your own! 

If you are just getting started and you want to test out the AddOn you can download Free Decks from our store to get started with assigning to your students right away. 


Teachers can assign any deck in their Library with ease! 

Find Decks To Add to Your Library

You can access our store at any time by clicking the "Get More Decks" Button.


The Reports that you know and love will be available in Google Classroom. For quick and easy grading teachers can post their students grades to their grade book! 

Teachers can choose from 3 options: 

  • Average
  • Best
  • Last

If the teacher would like more details about the students plays, they can click the "Show Details" button to see the reports shown below. Including a Performance by Play Session graph, an Accuracy Map, and response time tracker. 



Students can play their assigned Boom Decks without leaving Google Classroom! 

Who Can use the Google AddOn?

Please keep in mind that this is only applicable for teachers whose schools already have a school managed account.

If you would like to use Google AddOn and your school does not have a school managed account, please contact our Sales team by emailing or calling (833) WOW-BOOM for an Estimate.