Except as explicitly allowed in this policy, use of AI Image Generators is FORBIDDEN.

Making Novel (New) Images

Use of AI Image Generators to generate novel images is permitted ONLY using the following AI tools:

  • Adobe Firefly
  • Shutterstock AI
  • Getty Images AI

Using Images Made Using AI

Including AI generated images purchased from any source other than Adobe, Shutterstock, or Getty images is prohibited for materials published to the Store.

Editing Your Own Images

Use of AI Image Generators to modify your own images is permitted using if you upload your own art and ask the tool to edit it.

In all cases you should not use an AI generated art that makes a subject look unflattering or otherwise could be perceived as casting the subject in an unflattering light.

For the absence of doubt: "your own images" means images you created yourself that are not a copy of the works of another. AI images that are derived from the creativity of other persons where such creativity is still covered by copyright or by moral rights where applicable are not permitted.


You must disclose to customers, and the public the extent to which AI was used to generate novel images. Use words like: "AI image generated using [tool]." You must name the tool used to create the AI image. You do not need to disclose the use of AI to edit images you own.