The Boom Learning Teacher of the Month Program (“Program”) awards a free membership to one Outstanding Teacher per year. 

1. Who is a “Teacher?” 

To qualify as a Teacher for this Program, you may be a teacher, professor, homeschooler, para aide, or other educational personnel. 

2. What is “Outstanding?” 

An Outstanding Teacher demonstrates passion for teaching and has no arrests and no social media posts or any other behaviors that do not line up with the values of Boom Learning as expressed in the Boom Learning Terms of Service. Boom Learning makes a determination as to whether a teacher qualifies as Outstanding in its sole discretion and its decision if final. 

3. How often can an individual be awarded the Program honor? 

A Teacher may only receive the Program honor once per calendar year.  

4. What is the honored Teacher awarded? 

The honored Teacher will receive a free one-year premium membership to Boom Learning. 

5. How can I be considered for the Program? 

To be considered for the Program, you must be nominated. 

a. by a friend,  

b. by a colleague,  

c. by yourself. 

You are not required to know or currently use Boom Cards in order to be eligible for the program.