We have added another convenient way for you to purchase items in our Boom Store. Now you can use US dollars to buy Boom Cards, images, fonts, and printies. Members can still use points to redeem items from our store. You can choose to pay for your purchase entirely in points or US dollars.

Temporarily users who are not logged in will not be able to see USD pricing, if you would like to purchase using USD please sign in or create an account before checking out.

Convenience fee

There will be a $0.50 convenience fee applied to carts less than $10USD. This fee helps us to provide the same high quality customer service for small cart purchases. 

However, there are several ways you can avoid paying the convenience fee:

  • add enough items to the cart such that it totals $10USD or more
  • use points to redeem your Boom Store purchases

New Points Packages

We are now offering the following points packages.


"What if I still have points in my account?"

You can still redeem Boom Cards using points. The ability and process of using points to redeem items from our Store remains the same. We have simply added the ability to purchase Store items with US dollars. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at help@boomlearning.com or call us at (833) WOW-BOOM. A real human will happily help you!