September 11, 2017 Cookie Policy

Cookie Recipe Policy

Last Updated Septempber 11, 2017

Cookies are Bite-Sized Morsels of Sweetness.

Make your own cookie recipe using the ratio by weight of 3 parts flour, 2 parts fat, and 1 part sugar. Add an acid and a base to leaven, salt, and flavoring.

Cookies are Byte-Sized Morsels of Data

Cookies are chunks of data stored in your web browser while you use our site. You can’t eat them. They are not yummy. But our server eats them and finds them quite yummy. Some of our cookies evaporate when you leave our site (session cookies); but others go home with you (persistent cookies)

Who We Mean By “Our” and “We”

When we say “our” or “we”, we mean us, Boom Learning Inc. and the third-parties we contract with to provide us services. Some of our service providers use cookies too.

Cookies Help Us Remember Things

We use cookies to do things like remember who you are, what items you have selected for your library, and how you found us or who referred you, including our sellers, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Cookies Tell Us What Happened

We use Google Analytics to help us improve. Google Analytics knows that some unknown human (or cat) clicked some buttons in a particular sequence over a particular period of time. Google Analytics does not collect personally identifiable information on humans (or cats). Learn all you ever wanted about How Google Uses Cookies.

Cookies Help Us Do Business

We use cookies to remember what you put in your shopping cart. Cookies keep track of your points available. We use Paypal to process payments. Paypal uses cookies to collect your payment information. If we offer alternative payment processors such as Amazon Pay, Intuit, or Stripe, they will use cookies too. Please check out Paypal’s Cookie Guidelines.

How Do You Serve Cookies?

You come to our site, we give you cookies, unless you’ve set your browser settings to refuse.

You Don’t Want Cookies You Say?

Boom works best with cookies. If you want more control over your cookie consumption, you can open the settings in your browser (you may need to open “advanced settings”) and look for “Cookies”. Options can range from clearing out cookies at the end of each broswer session, to refusing all cookies, to refusing only third party provider cookies, or only allowing cookies for some sites. If you choose not to accept cookies from us, please understand that Boom won’t work as nicely. If you want to get the nitty gritty on cookies, check out