You can highlight your best work within your own store by adding decks to the Featured tab. 

From the Studio tab, click the blue "Go to My Store" button between your name and your Publisher Information. Then, click the green "Customize My Store" button near the top right. 

Drag and drop the decks you'd like highlighted over to the "Feature" tab. Click, the red "Stop Customizing" button at the top right when you're done.

To un-feature a deck in your store, you can click on the red "UnFeature" button that will appear above the decks/bundles you've featured from the "Feature's tab. 

Another way to do this is to go to the Studio tab and click "Make Decks" to view all your created decks. You'll see an option to "UnFeature" button appear just below any of the decks you've featured in your store. 

Once a deck is featured you will see a blue star icon next to your deck in your Studio.

Want your store, deck, or bundle featured on the main page? 

Once your store is up and running, and you've filled your digital shelves (by offering at least 20 decks), you can fill out our Featured Submission Form to be considered for featuring on the Boom Store page.