New Jersey Department of Revenue has confirmed that we only need the Certificate of Authority to sell our services in the state of New Jersey. That document is attached for your reference.

We have been informed by an agent that it is not possible to be on “Non-Reporting” status for state and use tax and to have an active Business License. We asked if they could provide documentation or a link to forward to customers but they are unable to do so. They informed us that customers are welcome to call the department to verify the truth of this matter:

New Jersey Division of Revenue

609-292-9292 – Option 2

If you call, you will need to be specific as to our status:

  • All of the services we offer are exempt from sales and use tax in NJ. If any of our services or products were taxable, we would have a Business License, but as 100% of our NJ sales are non-taxable, we are not required, nor can we open, a Business License account.
  • As such, our company asked to be placed on a Non Reporting status by filing Form ST-6205, which was granted.
  • At that time, a Certificate of Authority was issued, and the Business License account was closed, in accordance with New Jersey regulations.